History 1997 Hardcore
this is the view of how the danish hardcore scene was perceived by us. not a general view but only ours.
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1997 - Releases Gabber
the year had some really great releases, and the shere number of releases was amasing. the quality of the productions was getting a lot better, but at the same time a new trend going towards the oldschool sound was born. at first we called it newschool.
Artist: Marshall Masters
Title: I like it loud
Label: Acardipane rec
Style: hardcore pcp sing-along
Notes: commercial hardcore from the main live act. The track was later remade in 2003 with scooter feat marc arcardipane as "maria (i like it loud)"
Artist: Boombastic
Title: Leaders Of The New School
Label: Babyboom rec
Style: hardcore slow newstyle
Notes: 97 was the year where the slow newstyle got grip of the hardcore scene. the style was new an fresh and babyboom was front runners.
Artist: Dj Jappo & Lancinhouse
Title: Real motherfuckers
Label: Industrial Strength
Style: Italian hardcore
Notes: big comeback release from is. the style is typical lancinhouse sampling enya.
Artist: The DJ Producer
Title: The Only I Can Do It EP
Label: deathchant rec
Style: hardcore + uk gabber
Notes: great uk gabber with lots of hiphop samples by the deathchant master..
Artist: Nosferatu
Title: Inspiration Vibes
Label: Ruffneck rec
Style: hardcore + gabber
Notes: This was the prime time for ruffneck rec. every release was slammin' and of high quality.
Artist: Miro
Title: Purple moon
Label: Dance Ecstasy 2001
Style: hardcore trance
Notes: trancy hardcore from the pcp master miro. it's one of the tracks that you wish didn't stop.
Artist: Dj Promo + Brian Acardy
Title: Cold as stone
Label: ID&T
Style: hardcore + gabber
Notes: strong, fast and aggressive release on by the more commercial id&t.
Artist: Omar Santana
Title: Mind Ripper
Label: H2OH recordings
Style: hardcore + gabber
Notes: h2oh was big in 1997. the style was artcore but a bit faster than ruffneck.
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Braintec
Label: Digital Overkill
Style: hardcore acid trance
Notes: 303 and trance on top of hardcore. very like the better cenobite releases.
Artist: Placid K
Title: Is This Strange?
Label: D-Boy Black Label
Style: Italian hardcore
Notes: this guy didn't follow the rules, an his sound was different. this track made an impact for being creative..
Artist: Chosen Few
Title: Name of the Dj (remixes)
Label: Mokum records
Style: hardcore gabber
Notes: great buzz fuzz rmx made this release a still played track.
1997 Hardcore
97 was a great year for hardcore/gabber but also the peak of the gabber/hardcore scene. everywhere you went in the nederlands you saw kids wearing gabber merchandise. back home in denmark the scene was still very underground, gabber party's i denmark was run by deutsche club and turbulent crew.
the record shop of copenhagen had started to drop the hardcore releases, and it was getting impossible to get the vinyl we wanted. now an again baden baden had a few id&t releases, but it was not constant. therefore monkeyteam reinstated as a business and started to import hardcore our self. the name was monkeyteam mail order, but the point was mainly being able to strike deals with midtown, pcd and soundbase, who at the time distributed most of the hardcore releases.
Turbulent - A Gabber Night
Styles: hardcore + gabber
Notes: tretmine live was cancelled but instead came the chaos brothers from kiel germany. nice crowed turnup.
Audio: most recordings were lost, but a few sets remain
Deutsche Club - Sut Röv
Styles: hardcore + gabber
Notes: ?????????????
Audio: ???????????????
Turbulent - Acid Moves
Styles: hardcore + gabber + hardacid
Notes: big party with two floors. on the small floor we played hardcore and hardacid.
Audio: ???????????????
Turbulent - Acid Moves
Styles: hardcore + gabber + uk happyhardcore
Notes: first try to mix the uk happyhardcore scene with hardcore/gabber. the turnup was massiv.
Audio: ???????????????